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Nine O’Clock: „Euroccoper turnover, up 40 pc in 2013”

Articol Nine O’Clock (26 ianuarie 2014)

Euroccoper, a company with Italian capital and operations in international transportation and customs commissioning, registered last year a turnover of EUR 4.6 M, representing a 40 per cent advance against 2012, bursa.ro reports. Recently, the company finalised the construction of a logistic centre in Timisoara, on a surface of 4,500 sq m and with an outdoor platform of 3,000 sq m. The company also operates in Bucharest a warehouse covering 4,500 sq m and an outdoor platform of 15,000 sq m, plus a 2,000 sq m warehouse in Constanta and customs offices at Timisoara, Constanta Port, Bucharest, Arad, Halmeu (Ukraine), Moravita, Jimbolia, the Iron Gates (Serbia).

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