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EUROCCOPER is one of the founding members of the Pall-Ex palletized merchandise distribution network in Romania.

Founded in 1996 in England, the Pall-Ex network has been active in our country from December 2011.
- It evolved as a response to the market’s requests and newly-emerging tendencies.
- It grew focused on the quick and efficient delivery of small consignments of palletized freight (1 to 6 pallets)
- The main objective: becoming a point of reference in the distribution field

- It comprises a membership of over 250 independent hauliers across Europe
- It includes all transportation companies under a strong, quality-oriented brand
- The Pall-Ex network covers the UK, Italy, Portugal, Spain, Romania, France and recently Poland as well
- It boasts a unique IT system spread across the European network

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Euroccoper logistic center

EUROCCOPER, a company using private paid-up capital of 370.000 Euro, was founded in 1994, at the initiative of Aldo Roccon, its founder. He put his faith in this country and the potential provided by its people. EUROCCOPER is one of the few private companies to boast a presence on the Romanian territory for more than 20 years. The customs commissioning activity begins in 1995, just after being authorized by the General Customs Authority of Bucharest. In 1996 the company starts its activity as a forwarder, ensuring international and domestic transportation, an activity that up to this day continued developing and improving until it reached a level of excellency that is rarely matched in Romania.